When a child is diagnosed, the family is diagnosed.

The mission of the Anna Schindler Foundation is to support families fighting childhood cancer in the Inland Northwest and raise awareness of this disease.

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My husband Kris and myself would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done to help our family, our little guy Kellan, was diagnosed in July with ALL. From that first day we have received so much love and support, we can’t thank you enough.

– Kellan’s family

We are so thankful for you and your foundation. You have helped us greatly in our darkest hours. We are grateful for the support and the pizza coupons!

-Lane’s family

Building Anna’s Homes

2nd Annual BUILDING ANNA’S HOMES GALA,  May 12, 2018, 6pm @ the Grand Hotel, Spokane WA


May 12, 2018 – 2nd Annual “Building Anna’s Homes” Event (Buy Admission here)
June 24, 2018 – IRONMAN CDA 70.3 – IRONMAN for Anna
September 15, 2018 – 8th Annual Anna Schindler Memorial Golf Tournament


Upcoming Events

Building Anna’s Homes

Purchase your admission here for the 2018 “Building Anna’s Homes” dinner: May 12, 2018, 6pm at the Grand in Spokane.

The “Building Anna’s Homes” project is ongoing 2017-2018


Purchase ANNA’s DVD – a short film about two courageous warriors.

Due to our personal experience of having a child with cancer we understand these families face loss of income and family displacement for weeks, months, sometimes years. There is increased financial need and stress due to child’s illness and treatment. The Anna Schindler Foundation works to advocate for these families during their crisis.

Family Support

We assist every family that has a child diagnosed in the area. Each family receives meal cards while inpatient at the hospital. We endeavor to defray travel, grocery, medical, living and even burial expenses that is incurred because of a sick child.  Our goal is to lighten the load for every childhood cancer family. 


Anna’s Homes

It is a dream of the Anna Schindler Foundation also to provide temporary housing, Anna’s Homes, for pediatric oncology families who are from outlying areas but must stay in the area for treatment.


43 children are diagnosed with cancer daily.  Cancer is the most common cause of death by disease for children in America. In 2014, 75 families heard the words “Your child has cancer.” in the Inland Northwest.  As a community we can be aware and make a difference. 

Anna Schindler

Anna Schindler was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) on January 27, 2010. She underwent chemotherapy, and on May 5 skilled surgeons removed 70% of her liver that contained a large tumor. Pathology reports came back that Anna had hepatoblastoma and yolk sac cancer. 1 in 1 million children suffer from hepatoblastoma – even rarer is a child with both.

Continue Anna’s story on her CaringBridge website.

IRONMAN for Anna

In 2014, Dr. Tom deTar raised close to $27,000 for the Anna Schindler Foundation in his successful bid to complete the 2014 IRONMAN CDA. He blew past all expectations and his dedication and charity have already helped the Foundation carry out its mission of supporting kids with cancer.

In 2015, nine athletes competed in the IRONMAN for Anna race, June 28th, raising over $31,000 for childhood cancer families. 

In 2016, 11 athletes did the IM CDA 70.3 & 140.6 raising $19,000 for our cause.