Because of You

“There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments that knowing there’s someone fighting with you.”

― Mother Teresa

Because of our supporters, the Anna Schindler Foundation has been able to give over $64,000 in meal cards and family support to defray expenses of food, travel, lodging and living expenses while a child is sick.

Your donations touch the lives of families in need:

Alexius  fam brain tumor

“You are such a blessing and so very helpful! You have helped even when I didn’t realize I needed it. You have truly made this situation a little less hard. We are so thankful for your support, please continue the prayers and thank you! Thank you, you are a blessing!”

― The Alexius H Family – brain tumor – 16 years old

“We just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have done for our family it means the world to us”

― The Serena R Family – leukemia – 7 years old

“We are extremely thankful that you choose to help us, as well as, all the other families you help. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!”

― Love always, the Bobby C Family – neuroblastoma

“We thank you again for all of your support. Both prayers and monetary support have been a blessing for Carl and his fight with cancer. We couldn’t have done this journey without you. Thank you so much. God bless all the supporters of the Anna Schindler Foundation.”

― The Carl R Family – kidney cancer – 12 years old

“We have so enjoyed the cafeteria gift cards from your foundation. We usually didn’t like to stray too far to get something to eat, so we have appreciated that contribution immensely. Thanks for caring about us like you have!”

― The Jackson P Family – brain tumor 3 years old

“We are at the hospital and we were given a meal card from your foundation. I just wanted you to know that it really blessed us (I took my 5 year old down to get a special treat with mom :)). Anna and your family were in my thoughts today. Thank you for doing that for families!”

— Kristi

Thank you for your continued support. Without you, none of our work would be possible.